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Nano-diamond sensors are used in cell areas

    Impurities in the diamond are not only color, but also through the impurities to make the diamond field and the field of precision sensors. When the impurities encounter nitrogen atoms, the diamond crystal structure will change, a known as the nitrogen - vacancy center will be formed. The electrons and quantum spin states in the nitrogen-vacancy centers exhibit surprising consistency, and the quantum spin states can be manipulated precisely. If the continuity of nano-diamond internal electrons can be maintained for a long enough time, so that we can not only realize that the diamond becomes one of the spin carrier materials of the quantum computer, and the diamond will become the perfect device to reveal the secret information of the nerve cells.

    The nitrogen-vacancy center of large-scale diamond can store photons and carry quantum files.The invention of new technology makes the nano-diamond structure through the entry into the nitrogen-vacancy center, self-forming ring structure quantum called SP1 protein. But the problem is calculated in microseconds units, the nano-diamond spin coherence is very weak. Researchers at Cambridge University have now found ways to protect nitrogen-vacancy centers in fine synthetic diamonds, and rotational consistency measurements also have high resolution.

    In addition to the methods developed by Cambridge University, there is no other way to allow only tens of nanometer atoms to precisely pass the diamond sensor, which is currently facing technical challenges. But perhaps we can build a sophisticated query device, once there are many such sensors, but can not find the time you need, such as the extraction of a human cell vital organs or such as the critical moment, in hundreds of subcellular It is much easier to find in the organ.

    Since the nitrogen-vacancy center emits fluorescence as the temperature changes, nanometer therapy or a very small (about two thousandths of Kelvin) temperature changes, even in very small spaces (200 nanometers) And time-range measurements are possible. The researchers used the scanning confocal microscope to measure the emitted fluorescence. This microscope can migrate all the light from a single plane of light, since the nitrogen-vacancy center is more sensitive to magnetic and electrons, and the researchers consider them as a DC magnetometer. Thus, in essence, the researchers can prove the optical detection of nuclear magnetic resonance.

    We all know that the whole positive metabolic cells within the temperature environment is not the same, such as mitochondria and central particles such as cell activity and local cells are closely related to the hot spot, and even neurons have a significant thermal profile peak, the peak The heat is first absorbed by the cells and then released.

    The problem with the use of nano-diamond is once put into the cell, it must remain intact. Although other methods have been used to solve the difficulties of temperature measurement, such as genetic coding thermal sensors. But if these new nano-diamonds can be attached to the protein, like the SP1 mentioned above, then the nano-diamond as a perfect tool for observation and understanding of cell secrets will be achieved.

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