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A new round of diamond prospecting aimed at five strategic constituencies

    It shows that the new round of diamond prospecting in the country will aim at five regional strategic constituencies of the North China Craton Tantalu Fault Zone, Ordos Ancient Land, Taihang Mountain Fault Zone, Yangtze Crater Snow Peak Ancient Land and Tarim Craton, divided into four levels Advance.

    China's diamond mine is more exposed to the deep faults associated with the area, distributed in the platform and the ground junctions, troughs and the Department of the platform inside. The diamond-bearing kimberlite is mainly found in the North China platform, the Yangtze platform, the Tarim platform, the diamond reserves of the primary ore is mainly seen in the North China platform along the Tanlu fault area, the diamond reserves of sand mainly in the North China platform along Tanlu fault area, Yangzi platform of Xuefeng ancient land area. Compared with foreign countries, diamond is still one of China's current shortage of minerals, the total reserves of resources decreased year by year, many mine resources depleted, a serious shortage of assurance. China reserves only 10% of the world's diamond reserves based on diamond mineral reserves, which is available for development and utilization.

    In order to promote the national diamond prospecting, the China Geological Survey made by the Nanjing Geological Survey Center, to carry out China's new round of diamond ore preparation of the overall program, the deployment of China's diamond prospecting method technology, prospecting research, Mine break work.

    "Plan" to the new theory of diamond mineralization, new knowledge as a guide, learn from foreign diamond exploration experience and technical methods, sub-level to carry out the Tan-Lu fault zone, Xuefeng ancient land as the main national diamond strategic investigation, the basic check the country The potential of diamond resources; the establishment of typical mineralization model and prospecting model, enriching the theory and method of diamond prospecting in China. Through the evaluation of diamond geological survey, we can find out the metallogenic geological background of diamond in China, Rock occurrence conditions and prospecting instructions for China to provide diamond exploration targets and mineral deposits.

    Based on the comprehensive analysis and research on the geological conditions and prospecting potential of diamond mineralization in China, this paper analyzes the achievements and prospects of diamond prospecting in the whole country, This paper puts forward five regional strategic constituencies of the Tanzhai Tailulu fault zone, the Ordos ancient land, the Taihang mountain fault zone, the Yangtze Craton snow peak ancient land and the Tarim craton. According to the "program", the national diamond prospecting will be advanced in four levels, one is to select the relatively high degree of work, in the known diamond mine and the periphery, a wealth of prospecting information, with prospecting prospects of the target, to carry out Diamond prospecting survey evaluation or exploration demonstration work, explore the diamond mineral land. Second, in the past, the relatively high degree of work, with a diamond unearthed or a rich indicator of mineral display, with prospecting prospects of the important prospects, targeted to carry out basic investigation and mineral vision survey; proposed diamond prospecting target area. Third, the work is relatively low, but there are diamond unearthed or diamond indicates the discovery of minerals in the region, to carry out the second development of information and comprehensive research, division prospecting area, targeted to carry out the prospecting of diamond prospecting work. The fourth is to carry out diamond prospecting research work, including diamond prospecting model, metallogenic regularity, regional mapping and metallogenic prediction and potential evaluation.

    "Program" that the national new round of diamond prospecting work, will carry out national, regional and key exploration area strategic constituency research, in Liaoning Wafangdian - Deng Shahe, Shandong Mengyin - Tancheng, Anhui Suzhou - Jiangsu Xinyi , Such as Xiangxi - Qiandong - Guibei and other key exploration areas to carry out the prospecting of diamond prospecting, delineation of kimberlite, potassium and magnesium lamprophy rock and other rock, pointed out that the prospecting is expected to break the target area; in Liaoning Wafangdian, Shandong Mengyin Xianyou, Tancheng Xiaobuling, Anhui Suzhou railings, Jiangsu Zhangji, Hunan Taojiang building Jinba, Guizhou Zhenyuan - Shi Bing - Huang Ping, Guangxi Rongan - Si top area to carry out diamond investigation and evaluation, and strive to obtain prospecting breakthrough, to provide Diamond mineral land. In addition, the typical diamond ore will be selected to carry out the study of diamond mineralization model and prospecting method, summarize the theory and method of exploration, and put forward the combination of geology, material and chemical prospecting methods and enrich the theory of diamond prospecting in China. The characteristics of the mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Tanlu fault zone and the Xuefeng ancient land and so on, in order to study the diamond mineralization regularity, the relationship between the formation and the diamond mineralization, Mineral forecasting to provide support.

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