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Preparation and Application of Electroplated Diamond Tool


    Recently, the Spanish Institute of Photonics (ICFO) published in the NaturePhysics magazine, said the nano-diamond at room temperature can be used as an independent ultra-fast optical switch transmitter.

    Electronic transistors are an important electronic component in modern electronic technology, which greatly improves the speed of information processing in the prior art. The so-called electronic transistor, is used to convert and amplify the electronic signal and other functions of the semiconductor device. Nowadays, optical transistors have replaced traditional electronic technology and become the core of optical signal processing. Partly because photons have faster dynamic properties, and on the other hand because of the weak interaction of photons with the surroundings; this makes highly integrated technology and quantum operations possible.

    Previous studies have found that single dye molecules can also act as optical transistors, but dye molecules only play a role in ultra-low temperature conditions. Ultra-low temperature conditions greatly limit the application of quantum computing.

    The latest study of ICFO found that nano-diamond at room temperature can effectively act as a controllable optical switch. Nano-diamond containing a nitrogen impurity is like an artificial atom, due to the encapsulation effect, it is more stable at room temperature than the real atom. ICFO scientists have discovered a novel physical mechanism to control the reaction of nano-diamond with light. Green laser activated diamond, so that it is in the open state, and the appropriate infrared lighting and its effective and fast in the off state; in view of this basic concept, the researchers in the ultra-high-speed conditions, optical nano-diamond switch state, verify its Stability and feasibility for high-speed quantum computing and high-speed information processing.

    ICFO researcher Qquidant evaluation: This nano-diamond optical switch size is small, fast response, room temperature operation, technical advantages are very obvious. This new technology will be used in the future of optical integrated circuits and quantum computing information processing and so on.

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